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Death Omens

. A picture dropping inside a house.
. Dogs howling at an open door for no reason.
. Seeing a falling star.
. A fish making a strange noise when pulled from the water.
. Dreaming of muddy water.
. A sick person calling out the name of someone who is dead.

Superstitions about the moment of death:

To ease a spirit from the deceased and prevent it from being frightened, it is advised to:
1. Unlock doors, windows, and cupboards, and open all drawers in the house.
2.Untie any knots.
3.Turn mirrors to face the wall.
4.Light candles.
5.Ring bells.
6.Stop clocks at the moment of death.

Superstitions about Corpses:


. A corpse must be carried feet first, otherwise the ghost of the deceased will return.
. Carrying a corpse through a back door is seen to be unlucky.
. Carrying a corpse across a field- the field will become barren.


. Touching a corpse-good fortune.
. Touching the forehead of a corpse-prevents dreaming about the deceased.
. Touching the hand of a corpse-cures all manner of ailments, especially, sores, cancer, and warts.


. If the corpse's eyes remain open they are searching for the next person to die.
. Coins put on the eyes of a corpse-prevent the devil entering.

Unburied Corpse:

. Corpse unburied over a weekend presages another death soon.
. Having a corpse in the house on New Year's Day - unlucky.

Corpse's Sheet:

. Wrapping the corner of a corpse's sheet around the head or limbs- cures headache and swollen limbs.
. Obtaining a piece of the corpse's sheet -lucky.

Condition of the Corpse:

. Corpse remaining flaccid or warm-death omen.
. Tears falling on a corpse - unlucky.
. If rain falls on the corpse -good luck.

On a Ship:

Having a corpse on board a ship - unlucky.

Superstitions about coffins and Cures:

. A ring made from the hinge of a coffin - prevents cramp.
. A ring made from nails and screws from a coffin -cures fits.
. A piece of coffin kept in the pocket - cures cramp.
. A coffin's nail-cures toothache.

Coffins and animals:

. An animal being allowed near a coffin -unlucky.
. An animal jumping over a coffin-unlucky.


. Chairs and tables holding a coffin must afterward be turned upside down to prevent another death.

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