Planets can play a part in death and dying. All of them do. You cannot look at just one planet, one aspect or one configuration--it is the culmination of all of them that must be looked at in totality. And even then, if the person decides to utilize this death energy on another plane of expression, they'll keep on living and breathing and being around for some time to come!!

Saturn is often seen as Father Time--when your time's up--you're going. Father Time is here for all of us. We are all going to die some day. However, we move through many "mini-deaths" throughout our lives on the spiritual, emotional and mental level, too. And Time does erode our body so that when we're in our sixties, our body does not function as a twenty-year old's will, too. Its your choice on how you handle Saturn's energy.

A Saturn death is a lingering death. It doesn't happen quickly; it happens over time. Sometimes, a long, suffering time. Saturn is one of the planet's of longevity in one's life, also. The good side of Saturn, so to speak. A conjunction, sextile or trine between this planet and your Sun can give you a long, long life, although the whole chart must be taken into consideration for this.


Uranus is implicated in surgery and accidents. Usually accidents of a "weird" or unusual nature--such as sky diving, bungee jumping, while you're skiing you run into and hit a tree and kill yourself--or some other loopy, dumb kind of thing that no one would ever think could happen and create an accident. Uranus also rules airplanes and flight.

It also rules over lightning and electricity--so many people get a jolt--either by a cord, by a lightning bolt or zapped through some strange, odd way. Surgery is co-ruled with Uranus along with Mars. With Uranus, you can have a "weird" car accident, or unexpected surgery . A Uranus death is always sudden. There is no lingering on with this planet.


Drug over doses, recreation drug death, death by flesh eating bacteria, by a nasty virus, or by prescription or over-the-counter drugs fall under Neptune's massive coverage. Drowning accidents figure prominently here, as well. Water related deaths or near deaths always find Neptune and Admetos active at the time. Of course, there is death by drowning of having too much fluid in your lungs; drowning by suffocation. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and emphysema are Neptune's rulership as well. Anything having to do with water inside or outside the body is Neptune's base of operation.

It could be a flood that kills someone. Or a flood of liquid, such as blood in the pericardial sac that surrounds the heart and stops the heart from beating. Deaths or near deaths that have Neptune prominently figured will always have a cloak of mystery about them, too. In some cases, no one will ever really know how it happened or what the person died of or from what. People with an active Neptune at the time of their death will usually die in their sleep. Or, they will die of suffocation. A nice trine from one's Sun to Neptune means a quiet, gentle passing in one's sleep.


Pluto deaths are usually pretty final and not always pretty. They usually involve massive trauma to the body, or there's little left to identify or its hard to identify. Deaths with Pluto can be violent; and a good example of this is the heart attack, where it comes out of nowhere, hits with the velocity of a Mac truck, is massive and nothing can be done to save the person, no matter what.

The heart can literally, explode. Or, a aorta can 'blow' and the person bleeds to death in three to five minutes. Or a massive stroke or hemorrhage will finish them off quickly. There's something to be said for a 'swift' death and Pluto helps make that possible. A good sign of longevity is a conjunction, sextile or trine between one's Pluto and Sun; although the whole chart must be taken into consideration for this.


Mars acts as a "trigger" for death or a near-death experience. It also rules knives, guns and fires. You will see an active Mars in a lot of violent shootings. Mars is about a violent death of some sort -through some kind of sport-related accident or a car accident. Mars rules mechanical things and machinery and often, people slice off a finger, get their arm ripped off in a combine, or are decapitated or lose a leg in an accident.

Mars is one of the co-rulers of surgery, so any accident involving Mars can mean minor or major surgery, too. Since Mars rules anger, temper and the male harmone testosterone, these additions can make or break if there will be an accident or death--or not. Deaths are usually violent and sudden and the person may die instantly (as in a bullet to the head) or linger on for a couple of days, and maybe a week--but no more than that. A Mars death is clean and swift.


This is one of the Uranian planets and is considered the planet of disintegration.Hades will turn those festering mass of bad feelings and experiences into a disease--a chronic one--to get your attention so that you will handle matters in a more straight-forward fashion. And if you don't, you will die of a chronic disease, instead. The flip side of Hades is therapy and shamanic healing or ceremonial healing of some sort from antiquity--which can help save your life and get you back on track with yourself. A Hades death is slow, arduous, a cell at a time and can take a decade or more to slowly erode and dissolve the walls/cells/bones of our body until there's very little left. AIDS is a good example of a Hades disease.


This is another Uranian planet. For those who love to suppress/repress their hard feelings, their hard knocks in life, their bitterness, their bad luck, their trauma, , is doing an Admetos response. Admetos has an affinity for the Moon and is often seen as the other symbol for the mother. It is also about our subconscious. In its most lurid form, the monsters and the Shadow within ourselves is mirrored by this planet.Very often, with a strong Admetos natally in one's chart, this can mean that a "photograph" of a trauma occurred very early in life--especially in utero--while being carried by Mom--and it stains the person's entire life-force.This planet rules strangulation of the person.

The person suffocates in some way. It could be due to an overdose of prescription, over-the-counter or other drugs, inhaling poisonous gas of some kind ,being poisoned by drinking water , or inhaling poisonous air that accumulates and you get sick and die from it.Admetos is about the hidden, poisonous things in our everyday environment that can potentially kill us. Admetos means death by slow, gradual onset and poisoning. An Admetos death can take years, if not a decade. And the person suffers enormously over time, if the source of the poisoning to them is not identified. A person slowly being poisoned by arsenic being put in their food daily, is a good example of this--a lot of liver pain, a lot of suffering, but its slow and unmerciful.

North and South Nodes

The Moon's Nodes are intimately concerned with the forging of connections and the dissolving of connections. These connections are with other people, places, associations, groups, your company/corporation and possibly, the country you live in. We are constantly cutting ties and making new ones. The North Node is about creating new ties. That can be seen as dying and going to a more ethereal place of existence.

The South Node is about creating old connections with old, familiar places, people or things. They will be active in a marriage, in a divorce, in a birth, in a death, in the creation of a company, or the dissolvement of a corporation or country.


Chiron is the gatekeeper. He is often active when a person takes on a disease in order to move and learn deeper, more enriching enlightenment about one's self or others. Around age 50, many people will take on a disease. This is not to say they are bad people.There are hidden blessings in disease and I've seen Chiron act like a 'fast track' to spiritual evolution for a person when this happens. A Chiron death can be quick and merciful or drag on forever; and much depends upon aspect to it from other planets.


When someone is in the process of dying, Venus or Jupiter would be always around. They are both "guardian angels" of a type; although Jupiter's other side can be heavily involved in a death. Venus promises no suffering, or a very short period of suffering. There is grace with this planet when it comes to dying. It says that the dying will be "easy" or painless or less of something other than it could have been. Venus is sometimes seen in deaths where the person dies in their sleep. Venus around is good because the person sees his journey into death as something beautiful, creative and an opening, not an ending or a closing or a loss.


Jupiter is involved in aggressive cancers where there is cellular regeneration at optimum, and tumors are present, or an aggressive lymphoma. Ailments involving the liver can also come from this planet, as well. Tumors are Jupiter's "thing." It is also, by co-rulership of the liver, tied into the lymphatic system as well which is why, in many forms of cancer and dying of cancer, the Jupiter is active by transit or progression.

On the other hand, Jupiter is also the "guardian angel" provided it is in good, soft aspect at the time. If it is, it means a gentle, non-struggling death. Transit is easy and comes all at once, although the person may linger for days, weeks, or even months. With a good Jupiter aspect around at the time, the person does not suffer as much. They will also have a wonderful, optimistic, open attitude about their passing into the next world.


This Uranian planet is very often involved in a death aspect.Having Poseidon around when you die, is the perfect close to one door and the opening of another. Poseidon was the God of the Ocean. Consider it a higher spiritual octave of Neptune. People who have Poseidon active at the time they die have seen their personal Truth. By dying, they receive illumination during the death transit. Poseidon can be seen active in slow, gradual deaths. And it is only when the end has finally come, that this planet makes its final station, that the person gets some kind of incredible, soul breakthrough.


Sun can be intimately tied into our death time.The two big "triggers" in progressed charts is your Mars and Sun. Many times, in many deaths, the Sun is not prominent. With the Sun involved, it usually means the person has truly fulfilled all there soul desires this time around and it is a natural time to move on.A Sun death can be slow or quick.

Usually, there is some beautiful gift of awareness, a deeper soul connection made with the self before passing--a gift is given because these people have earned such grace by working hard, being responsible and shouldering the loads they came in to carry and learn from or give back to humanity in the balance of their unique karma.

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