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Can Death be predicted by Astrology?

One might logically assume that if astrology is capable of anticipating and predicting major life events, should it not also be able to forecast the single inevitable event in the lives of all living things, particularly the humans -- death?

The answer is "No.Astrology has no fool-proof technique for predicting death."

While astrology can reliably suggest major life occurrences -- including times when the health may be threatened -- measurements definitively indicating death have yet to be consistently identified.

Perhaps we can rationalize that the death experience represents something different for each person.For example, a long-suffering victim of an acute, debilitating disease may greet death willingly as an end to the relentless, prolonged pain.Similarly, those with strong spiritual or religious beliefs may not be fearful of death, seeing it as a transition rather than an end.

We can often see measurements in a spouse or other family member's chart that can suggest loss of someone close to them.These measurements, however, happen much more frequently than an associated death actually occurs.And really, what would be gained if astrology could accurately predict death?

According to Astrologers the potential for death can be gleaned from a chart and that certain markers can be identified which point to a life-threatening time. There is in fact historical evidence that ancient astrologers believed this to be the case. The Greeks who were extremely pragmatic regarding death actually had a whole chapter of the Tetrabiblos dedicated to calculating "The Length of Life". There are modern astrologers however who will argue that death leaves no markers in the native's chart because death is a non-traumatic transition --like walking across a threshold -- and that therefore it can better be detected through a loved-one's chart as a grieving period.

How many times have we seen astrologers analyze the death chart of a famous deceased celebrity, retrospectively pointing out the various "indicators of death" in the chart as if reading from an obituary. We cannot have it both ways. If we refrain from predicting death because we can never be certain, then we should be careful about the implication of our words regarding a chart that did result in death.

If we do not believe that death is an astrological certainty, then we cannot imply that it is in a retrospective analysis. The first question that needs answering before anything else, is whether death leaves a detectable astrological trace.This is yet to be resolved by our Astrologers...

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