Things to do before death THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE


As part of team effort, a sincere attempt is given to find things you may need to do before death with respect to different religions followed across the globe.

When the whole world talks about adventure, tourism as things to do before death, we talk about spirituality.

It is a tendency for people at large to get into spirituality at distress times or when their fate (Karma) is not good.

Instead religion and spirituality may be taken at all time, even when the fate (or) karma is good.

It is advisable that readers take their own decision according to your religious belief.

Though major religions are covered in this approach, religions which are lesser known (or) followed by a certain segment or region is not published here. If you know any other religion which talks about things to do before death, you may send your suggestion to ( [email protected] )


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